Cassandra Mills - Christian Consumer

"When I was having a home built two years ago I asked a fellow Christian if he knew of any reliable and reputable contractors, handymen or tradespeople he could refer me to who were also Christians.  Regretfully, he said he did not.  He said they were hard to find or come by, but pointed me to Michael Chilbert, who physically handed me a hard copy of the Christian Business Referral Guide.  I was thrilled because I felt confident knowing that the individuals and businesses listed in the Guide shared the same values as I do---something that the businesses on Angie's List could not guarantee.  I hired one of the contractors in the book--a home inspector.  He saved me thousands upon thousands of dollars and spared me of future problems through a thorough evaluation of the home.  He spoke with authority and exemplified Christian values when interacting with the builder.  To this day, I am still grateful for the work he did for me."