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Christian Business Referral Network Testimonials

what our customers have to say

Bruce Taylor - Taylor Made Systems

"Since advertising with the Christian Business Referral Network many folks from churches have called me wanting work and I have had the busiest year in over 25 years.  Sales are actually up 25% over last year and the Christian Business Referral Network is the ONLY place I advertise.  It's great to see people looking for Christian businesses.  I will keep them working for me!"

Johnny Allen - Allen Plumbing & HVAC, LLC

"We have been advertising with the Christian Business Referral Network since they started in 2013.  Over the years we have received many calls from customers that said they found us in the Christian Guide and called us for that very reason.  Michael Chilbert is always a pleasure to deal with and always smiling.  We will continue to advertise with them for many years to come!"

Woody Reding - Village Retirement Community

"We at Wesley Village Retirement Community have been very pleased with our results coming directly from the Christian Business Referral Network.  We have received NUMEROUS calls stating that they found us directly through your network.  Thank you for having such a wonderful product!"

Nikolei Rinaldi - Cutting Edge Countertops

"Our company first began using the Christian Business Referral Network in 2019.  I was skeptical to advertise, as we generally utilize 'word of mouth'.  Although we have advertised in the past to limited success.  So to my mind, it was an understandable hesitation.  I was swayed into giving it a shot by the good pricing, personable atmosphere and underlying principles of goodwill and faith."
"To my admitted surprise, we had great luck in referrals to our business.  Throughout the year customers came in to tell us that they were getting countertops because they had seen us in the Christian Business Referral Guide. In the many years that we have attempted to advertise, none have brought the return on investment that this has......Both in quality of customer and profitable return.  Beyond just monetary benefit, it has connected us with several memorable customers.  I highly recommend their service." 

Tyler Gardner - Christian Construction

"I have been advertising with the Christian Business Referral Network since early 2019 and we have had an AMAZING return on this small investment.  This platform has produced multiple projects of various sizes that we have been blessed to be a part of.  I would say, if you are running a faith based business and are looking to separate yourself as such, this platform has consumers that are ready and willing to do business with folks just like you.  They have been a blessing for us and our business and I am sure they will be considered the same for yours.  Thank you Mrs. Jean for all you do!"

Michelle Alverson - Alverson Refrigeration, Inc

"I have been advertising with the Christian Business Referral Network since they started in 2013 and I have been very impressed with their work ethic and with their commitment to their customers.
I am also incredibly happy with fact the I receive a lot of calls from customers that comment that they saw us directly from the Christian Business Referral Guide. I find it interesting that we get more calls from the Christian Business Referral Guide than we do from the larger phone books.  It makes it so much more worth the investment!  I AM A DEVOTED CUSTOMER!!"

John M. Polonchak - John Chak's Automotive

"The Christian Business Referral Guide is the ONLY print directory that we advertise with.  We advertise with them because they have the same values and ethics that my company shares.  Businesses and families need to turn to the Lord Jesus Christ everyday and especially in these trying times with all the turmoil, hate and distrust going on in this world.  God Bless America!!"

Mikey Bales - Texas Farm Bureau

"Ever since we partnered with The Christian Business Referral Network we've had great response.  Not only was Michael Chilbert courteous and professional, he worked out a program that would maximize our Return on Investment.  We love working with other Christians and just this last year alone we have received a minimum of 7 new clients that came directly from your network.  We've actually canceled other advertising due to the great response we've received from you.  We will continue to partner and support you every year.  

Candy Hartkorn - Northstar Plumbing

"We have been in the Christian Business Referral Guide since it started here in Collin County in 2013. We have received numerous calls over the years and believe in what they are doing. Matter of fact, just within the last two weeks we have received 5 calls that we know of for sure. We enjoy connecting with other believers in our community and helping them with their plumbing issues. We look forward to new connections for years to come."

David Black - Office Mgr - ADC Dental Group

"We have partnered with the Christian Business Referral Network since the first book was published, mainly because of the ministry that they provide. However, in the last referral guide we chose to use a tracking number to see how many people were calling us from the current guide. We were very pleased to find that we have received over 100 calls from this year's book so far. We knew we were getting some calls, but had no idea it was this many. When you pair the Return of Financial Investment along with their ministry, I would recommend any Christian owned business to advertise in their referral guide and new search platform on their website."