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Christian Business Referral Network Testimonials

what our customers have to say

Mikey Bales - Texas Farm Bureau

"Ever since we partnered with The Christian Business Referral Network we've had great response.  Not only was Michael Chilbert courteous and professional, he worked out a program that would maximize our Return on Investment.  We love working with other Christians and just this last year alone we have received a minimum of 7 new clients that came directly from your network.  We've actually canceled other advertising due to the great response we've received from you.  We will continue to partner and support you every year.  
Thank you for all you do and for the ministry you have."

Candy Hartkorn - Northstar Plumbing

"We have been in the Christian Business Referral Guide since it started here in Collin County in 2013. We have received numerous calls over the years and believe in what they are doing. Matter of fact, just within the last two weeks we have received 5 calls that we know of for sure. We enjoy connecting with other believers in our community and helping them with their plumbing issues. We look forward to new connections for years to come."

David Black - Office Mgr - ADC Dental Group

"We have partnered with the Christian Business Referral Network since the first book was published, mainly because of the ministry that they provide. However, in the last referral guide we chose to use a tracking number to see how many people were calling us from the current guide. We were very pleased to find that we have received over 100 calls from this year's book so far. We knew we were getting some calls, but had no idea it was this many. When you pair the Return of Financial Investment along with their ministry, I would recommend any Christian owned business to advertise in their referral guide and new search platform on their website."

Rebecca Solera - Solera Dental Spa

“I would be stating the obvious to say that we work in a culture that pushes successfully for businesses to seek financial gain above all else. I am thrilled that someone finally thought to publish a Guide that allows me as a consumer and a business owner to deal with people who have similar values. The Christian Business Referral Network proposes a new level of accountability in advertising and business practices that gives me greater confidence in my choices as a customer. It also inspires a greater trust of those patients who would choose our office because we a Christians. This was an inspired idea! WE LOVE BEING IN PART OF THIS!

Gary Brown – Carpet One - Northwest Arkansas

I believe strongly in The Christian Business Referral Network and their mission to connect Christians with Christ centered businesses. I am very thankful this network exists. I use it personally as well as in business and it is always my first choice to go to when services are needed. It truly blesses me to have this available for my customers as well as my employees. May God continue to bless you in your ministry.”

Dr. Harry Black – Capital Baptist Association – Oklahoma City

"I am writing to let you know about Integrity Publishing and the Christian Business Referral Network. I have known this company for about ten years. I was convinced that this could be an amazing resource for church members  and staff, as well as the Christian business owners who wanted to make a spiritual and cultural difference in our region. Once the project was complete and the Guides were made available, I was thrilled, as were people in our churches. Christian churches still get a free listing; the plan of salvation and spiritual helps are clearly presented at the front of the Guide; and every advertiser is asked to sign a document affirming Christian business standards and practices."

Janis Jones, Office Manager – Marcus Black DDS 

“We have been in the Christian Business Referral Guide for six years now and the response has been incredible.  Matter of fact, this year we decided to track our calls to see where our patients were actually finding us and we found out that we were getting more calls from the Christian Business Referral Network than even any other phone book we were in, including AT&T.”

Will Brown - Brown Boys Roofing

WE LOVE THIS NETWORK!!!! The Christian Business Referral Network has our FULL support. This has been a fantastic method of advertising that has blessed us, not only with jobs, but also with new friends. There are few things more fulfilling in our line of work than stopping the pain of a roof system failure. Whether it is a small repair or a roof replacement, being a superior service company for NWA is our passion. Thank you Brian Martin for allowing us to be a part of this.”

Fred Pilkilton - Fred Pilkilton Motors

"I just want to say that I've been with the Christian Business Referral Network for four years now and not only do I believe and support their mission, I help pass out their Guides.  When anyone buys a car from us we take the time to go over all the details of their new car.  At this time I hand everyone a Christian Business Referral Guide to keep with them at all times.  I explain that everyone in the guide has signed a 'Profession of Faith' and how important it is that we all support other Christ centered businesses.  In addition to the Christian Business Referral Guide, I also hand them a 'Manual For Life' (The New Testament), explaining that they can keep that in the car along with the car manual.  It's so important that we all do our part to share the Gospel of Christ and to support all Christ centered businesses."

Barbara Garvin - C. David Garvin, MD, PA

"You are the ONLY publication that we advertise in.  We advertise with you because "Christ" has been taken out of the workplace and we believe that we all need to put "Christ" back in our workplaces.  We have customers ask for and take The Christian Business Referral Guides ALL THE TIME.  We truly appreciate you and what you are doing here in this area. May Jesus Christ be with you and The Christian Business Referral Network."