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Christian Business Referral Network Testimonials

what our customers have to say

Caroline Rhoads – Loving Choices

It has been a true blessing for Loving Choices to be a part of the Christian Business Referral Network. We are able to advertise to potential clients, volunteers, and supporters through this network. It is a wonderful resource for our organization and the community. We appreciate their efforts as they seek to connect those in our community with Christian organizations and businesses.”

Becky Shaffer – Saving Grace

“Saving Grace has been very blessed to be able to advertise in the NWA Christian Business Referral Network. We serve young women aging out of foster care and have been blessed with volunteers, mentors, and donors through them finding us in this book! We are so excited that there is finally an avenue in which Christians and Christian businesses can find each other…..not just from a business aspect but also from a ministry aspect.”

Debbie Rambo - Samaritan Community Center

“We would like to thank Christian Business Referral Network for the wonderful opportunity to [be listed] in their publication. We have received several donations and new volunteers that are the direct result of this opportunity! We are thankful and blessed for the wonderful Christian business community in NW Arkansas! Thanks.”