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Christian Business Referral Network Testimonials

what our customers have to say

Barry Brecheisen - Heartland Roof & Gutter

"As a Christian consumer I have always enjoyed looking for service companies in the Christian business Referral Guide I found at church. It makes me feel good to give my service to those who live for the Lord. As a Christian businessman myself I have found that the numerous calls we receive from such represent people with the same kinds of interest. It's also comforting to know that a portion of my service costs will likely be going to tithes to a local church. Aside from these terrific benefits I can say with confidence that my investments in the Christian Business Referral Network advertising has always been well worth it regarding the bottom line too."

Gabino Gomez - Gabino Lawn & Landscaping

"When we decided to promote my business last year with the Christian Business Referral Network, we knew it was the right thing to do in order to help support this unique ministry and concept. It was also easy to see the power of connecting Christian consumers to businesses that were Christ centered. Businesses that Christians and even non-Christians could trust and want to support.I AM GLAD I DID!! I try the best I can to keep track of where my customers find me when they call and many times they would come right out and mention using the Christian Business Referral Network. There are no Concerns whatsoever in renewing my program again for next years issue because of what this ministry is doing to bring Christians together.

Maurice T. Way - Christian Consumer

“The Christian Business Referral Network is a tool that I have used since nearly it’s birth over 7 years ago. It gives me the confidence that I need when choosing a product or service knowing that I am dealing with honesty, integrity, and truthfulness. I highly recommend its use as a consumer as well as an entrepreneur. You will be glad that you did.”

Donna Skell - Roaring Lambs Ministry

"I love and appreciate the work you have done to create the Christian Business Referral Network. I live in Collin County, Texas, and I cannot tell you the number of times, I choose to find a business through your resource. The inspirational pages, the nonprofit pages, the business pages are a great way to find and do business with other believers. I especially appreciate the way you call the entrants to agree with a basic Christian statement of faith to be in the book. This is the 3rd year I have advertised in the book and made the books available to others in our place of business. Thank you again for your dedication and great work. Blessings to you in the future."

Jim Wakeman - Christian Consumer

“My wife and I are Christians and I just picked up a copy of your Referral Guide in Oklahoma County and I just want to say that this is the finest thing I’ve ever seen as far as a print guide. I am so impressed with it I just want to tell someone how appreciative we are. Besides the Christian businesses it in, the information is so good to have with all the other information.  Anytime I need something I will definitely use this. It’s just great and I love it and just want to say Thank You!”

Allow Me Handyman- Jerry Buress

"Last year was “Allow Me” Handyman Service’s first time to advertise in the NWA Christian Business Referral Network. I wasn’t sure I wanted to advertise again this year since I didn’t really track my calls and didn’t know if I had received many calls. I am now so very thankful I renewed. Over the last few months I actually made an effort to track my calls and see where they were coming from. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I received about 15 calls that resulted in 7-8 very good jobs in just a few months. The leads your publication generates are high quality and I have seen a very good Return on my Investment. The jobs I received in just the last few months have more than paid for my ads already. Thank you again for your ministry, Internet products, mobile app and of course your Christian Business Referral Guides."

Kelly Harden – K & C Automotive

“At first I have to say that I had a few doubts whether anyone still used ‘print’ publications but because of their ministry and what Integrity Publishing Solutions represent, I decided to take a leap of faith about advertising in it. I AM PLEASANTLY SURPRISED how many people have actually taken the Christian Business Referral Guides which is available here at my shop. We continue to need our display of Guides refilled on a regular basis which shows Christian consumers love this book.

Frank Dudowicz – Kwik Kar of Denton

Everyone love’s the Christian Business Referral Guide!! We can’t keep them in our stores (all four locations). They fly out as soon as they racks are filled. We will continue to support the Christian Business Referral Network.”

Daniel James – Dad And Sons Plumbing

“This was my first year to advertise in the Christian Business Referral Network and we have received many calls off of our ad and we’ve had a tremendous return on our investment. Matter of fact, in just the first two weeks the book was out it payed for itself. We will continue to advertise in the Christian Business Referral Network because IT WORKS!!!”

Mary McMillan – Ladonna’s Income Tax Service

“I am happy to let everyone know that I am very pleased in what Integrity Publishing Solutions is doing in Northwest Arkansas. I contacted them about 3 years ago after seeing one of their Guides. I am always happy to hear of the souls that have been won directly and indirectly through their ministry. I am also thankful for the new business in which I have been blessed from the publication. In fact, just this last week we received 2 new clients just before the tax deadline. Each told me specifically that they found me in the Christian Business Referral Guide. Those new clients alone more than paid for my advertising with Integrity Publishing Solutions. I'm also excited about their new online and mobile sites which makes it even easier to connect Christian consumers with Christian Businesses. Thank you for your ministry.”