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Christian Business Referral Network Testimonials

what our customers have to say

Randy Lee - The Health Patch

"We are a family owned business and I wanted you to know we absolutely LOVE your Christian Business Referral Network and Ministry. We really like what it stands for. The Guide you publish is so popular. You supplied a rack of these in our store and has to be refilled on a regular basis. I must say we’ve also had a really good response from advertising with you. I felt this would be well received and I was right. You target the type of customer I will always want in our store. Passionate and loyal. In fact… I personally use it because I know I can trust that these other businesses found in the directory are also Christ Centered. These are businesses I can feel good about supporting as well. Christian Businesses supporting other Christian Businesses! We continue to see Christianity under attack by our pop culture and an ever increasing secular society. It’s time all Christians take a stand.  You can quote me on this….......'I WILL ALWAYS PROMOTE OUR BUSINESS WITH YOU!'  If anyone ever ask me, I would encourage any Christian Owned Business to get behind what you’re company is doing and support this ministry.  Thank you for making this available and making a difference!"

Kevin Willis - DQ Grill & Chill Restaurants

"I wanted to give your company a shout out regarding the Christian Business Referral Network you publish here in Oklahoma City. Our Dairy Queen has an ad with you and we also chose to have a rack of your Referral Guides at the front door of our restaurant for anyone to take if they wanted to.  I am pleased to report that we are all pleasantly surprised at how many of the Guides fly out of the rack each week. Your company has to come out to replenish it all the time. As a Christian I was happy at first to support the ministry side of your business model to promote our restaurant but I had no idea how popular the directories would be.  We just figured no one still used a printed product anymore. I always thought it was internet,internet, internet.....or so I was lead to believe. BOY WAS I WRONG!  People coming into our restaurant seem to really love this one. Other businesses should really take a hard look at supporting this. I know we are really pleased to be a part of your ministry and just wanted you know.  Thank you.

Morris Stone - State Farm Insurance

"Thanks for including my office in the Christian Business Referral Guide.  We love the book and have had great response to it.  It's a great way to get the word out for Christian businesses and Christian consumers.  The online and mobile sites are also a great addition.  Thanks for all you do."

Keith Sanderson - Station Manager KMOC Radio

"I appreciate Integrity Publishing for providing such a useful tool for the Texoma area. Their Christian Business Referral Guide is a one-stop source that includes Christian businesses, churches, non-profits, and more. I keep my copy right by my desk.”

Don Dobbins - Heritage Home Medical Equipment

"We are so grateful that we are able to advertise is such a needed resource.  With having such a diverse customer base, this publication is seen by so many of our customers."

Dana Fudge - Abundance Roofing, LLC

"Abundance Roofing is very appreciative for all the calls we have received from the Wichita Falls Christian Business Referral Guide.  The advertising has actually dominoed into at least 20 roofing jobs.  We will continue advertising with this valuable resource."

Mark Terry - Falls Home Health Services, Inc

"The Wichita Falls Christian Business Referral Network (Integrity Publishing Solutions) is a great way to reach the customers you want as a Christian Faith Company.  Knowing that all the businesses in the directory are Believers in Jesus Christ brings a Big Bond to the book and a TRUST that your customers get by using it." 

Pat & Debbie Lindsley - Imprints 1

"PEOPLE LOVE THIS CHRISTIAN GUIDE!!  Not only do customers take a book from the rack when they come in the store but they usually come back a day or two later and get more for their friends and family.  This is our second year and it is the ONLY print guide we advertise in.  Keep up the good work!"

Ted Knox Jr - Texas Knifeworks & Guns

"We were one of the very first to advertise in the Wichita Falls Christian Business Referral Network and we have gotten a lot of new customers as a direct result from being in this directory.  People absolutely LOVE THIS BOOK.  We have a book rack and have had to have it refilled several times.  Thank you so much for starting your book in this area....It was truly needed."

Jami Henri McGehee - Christian Consumer

"Recently a friend's water heater went out and was leaking water all over the house at One O'Clock in the morning on a Saturday night.  She was getting quotes from plumbers of $300-$600 just to come out and look at it.  I then remembered the Christian Business Referral Network  and had her call Northstar Plumbing (a Christian plumber in their guide).  They actually talked her through on how to temporarily fix the problem (for free) until she could contact her warranty company.  I love The Christian Business Referral Network and the great job Michael does.  I use them all the time."