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Christian Business Referral Network Testimonials

what our customers have to say

Matthew Howell – College Senior – University of Arkansas

“The money in my wallet is not mine, but the Lord’s, so I choose to spend it as wisely and responsibly as possible. The Christian Business Referral Network enables me to be a good steward of God’s money by supporting Christian businesses. I love this ministry!”

Rick McGarrah – McGarrah Carpets

“I believe in the integrity of those who have worked so hard to bring the Christian Business Referral Network to our area, and the mission of what that project seeks to accomplish. Those people are men and women of great faith who have been diligent to unite Christian businesses and Christian consumers. I believe we all have the common goal and responsibility of glorifying Christ in our businesses, as well as our personal lives”

Kevin Delmare – Gutter Guy

“I have been advertising with Integrity Publishing Solutions since they started in Denton and Collin Counties. We have had many calls from churches as well as people that have just picked up the Guides in their local churches and businesses. We have had at least 10 jobs that I know of that came directly from this publication. Matter of fact, one good job I got actually paid for a year of advertising itself. This is definitely a good value for your advertising dollars and I will continue to advertise with them, even though business is good. Thank you for all you do.”

Barbara Young – On The Cuff

“I actually wasn’t looking to advertise in another print publication, but have done so now for 3 years with Michael. It’s always a nice feeling to see people picking up and using the Guides. People are constantly picking them up and loving the book. For that reason, I will continue to support this ministry. Thank You!!

Sylvia Baird – Denton County Pest Control/Foundation Repair

“We weren’t looking at advertising in another print publication but I have known Michael for a long time and considered him like family. We really didn’t think we would get any calls off this but wanted to support Christian businesses in this area. WE ARE PLEASANTLY SURPRISED!! There are more Christians out there that use this guide than I ever anticipated. We have received many calls off the Christian Business Referral Network and it has definitely paid for itself. I am so thankful for your ministry.”

Ken Scribner – Family Insurance

We receive a higher quality of clients from your Guide. It’s much better than any other publication we have been in. We have noticed new customers as a direct result of the Christian Business Referral Guide. I have to admit, we had our doubts at first, but it’s definitely paying off.”

Martha Grisham Stahr – Attorney at Law

The Law office of Martha Stahr frequently schedules new clients who comment, upon initial conversation that they found our information in the Christian Business Referral Guide. We are pleased the advertising that Integrity Publishing Solutions provides, informs our clients of our courteous, professional and genuine standards.”

Debbie Weigenant – Denton Sewing Center

“We are very pleasantly surprised how many people have picked up the Christian Business Referral Guides. My business has definitely increased since putting my ad in your publication. I really like the simplicity of it. People love picking them up. When I first started advertising with you I wasn’t sure if anyone would actually pick them up and use them. But I was wrong. Some people try to say that print is dead…….IT’S NOT!!  Thank you for all that this represents

Jeff Rinehart – Longhorn Solar Screens

“Longhorn Solar Screens appreciates the Christian Business Referral Network for the opportunity to advertise in it. We have seen a great number of leads from your publication and we also suggest advertising in it to other small business owners.”

Barney England – England Collision Repair

"We really noticed a BIG difference the moment the Christian Business Referral Guides actually hit the streets. This is the ONLY advertising that I do. We really love what y’all are doing here in Grayson County.”