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Christian Business Referral Network Testimonials

what our customers have to say

Debbie Weigenant – Denton Sewing Center

“We are very pleasantly surprised how many people have picked up the Christian Business Referral Guides. My business has definitely increased since putting my ad in your publication. I really like the simplicity of it. People love picking them up. When I first started advertising with you I wasn’t sure if anyone would actually pick them up and use them. But I was wrong. Some people try to say that print is dead…….IT’S NOT!!  Thank you for all that this represents

Jeff Rinehart – Longhorn Solar Screens

“Longhorn Solar Screens appreciates the Christian Business Referral Network for the opportunity to advertise in it. We have seen a great number of leads from your publication and we also suggest advertising in it to other small business owners.”

Barney England – England Collision Repair

"We really noticed a BIG difference the moment the Christian Business Referral Guides actually hit the streets. This is the ONLY advertising that I do. We really love what y’all are doing here in Grayson County.”

Doyle Moore - Good Earth Soil & Materials

This is the ONLY print publication we will advertise in. We have had a lot of positive comments from customers about this book being in our store. It has been a tremendous boost to our business! We love the Integrity this book represents and are looking forward to many more years with these fine folks.”

Ronald Rodenbaugh – Rodenbaugh’s Appliance

“With being in the Collin County Christian Business Phone Book for multiple years now, the repeat response has been great. It has been a book that customers come back every year to pick up a new one. I’m glad to say I’m still in it and would recommend it to any other business that wants and needs to advertise.”

Shane Brem – Texoma Roofing

We at Texoma Roofing & Construction and King Concrete are very pleased with our advertising in The Christian Business Referral Network and plan to continue future  advertisement with Integrity Publishing Solutions.  Not only did we get residential business directly from your guide, but we also received four church jobs.”

Ricky Perdue – Perdue’s Foundation Repair

I believe the Christian Business Referral Network is a GREAT way to advertise, not only for the business but for making disciples for Jesus Christ. And on top of that I got several jobs directly from the Christian Business Referral Guide."

Jackie Skinner – Jackie Skinner Plumbing

Since becoming part of the Christian Business Referral Network we have been blessed with many wonderful customers who have contacted us with their plumbing and remodeling needs.  It has been a great tool for advertising our business, resulting in growth throughout Grayson and Collin Counties.  It’s great to know that customers look for Christian companies to do business with.”

Mickie Martin – Martin’s Heating, AC and Duct Cleaning 

The Christian Business Referral Network is a company that supports Christian values.  Therefore it is my pleasure to work with them. Brian and Michael have been so nice to work with. Since I don’t track my phone calls, I can’t say I know for sure what business comes from them, but I DO know that the Lord blesses those who lift up His name in all that they do.” Proverbs 22:1  “A good name…..” This company has a good name!!

Bishop Jonathan E. Williams, D.D.

Just wanted to drop an email to say " It's Great to See Christians Standing Up For Jesus - In These Last Day." I need not tell you about the Condition and State of this world. I Pray that GOD (the Father), Jesus (HIS Son), & the Holy Ghost (your Comforter) will Bless and Keep All of You & Your Families as You Spread The WORD through this Guide, I'm going to share Your Christian Business Referral Guide to Spread HIS Word. In fact GOD just gave me a Sermon "HIS Chosen People Are But A Phone Call Away-Call Them”.