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Christian Business Referral Network Testimonials

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Kurt Clark - Action Bail Bonds / AMP

"I am so appreciative of what you do with the Christian Business Referral Network.  We have had many people mention that they heard about us from your products.  They came to us because they felt like they could trust us, which in my business is very important.  I advertise both of my businesses in their book and I LOVE the response that we have received.  Thank you so much and God Bless you and Integrity Publishing Solutions."

Damon Wallace - Finish Line Tire & Auto

"Thank you for the ministry and advertising that you provide for the Christian businesses and Christian consumers in Northwest Arkansas.  Last year was our best year ever.  I'll let you know for a fact we get a lot of business directly from the Christian Business Referral Network.  It is the only place that we currently advertise.  We also love the ministry that you provide.  Brent is a blessing to work with and I am very thankful that we have him as our rep."

Michelle Alverson - Alverson Refrigeration, Inc

"Alverson Refrigeration has been working with The Christian Business Referral Network now for 3 years and we have had MANY customers call and say that they found us directly from their publication.  We continue to enjoy the Blessings of working with The Christian Business Referral Network and hope for continued success of both companies for many years to come."   

Sandy West Fox - Christian Consumer

"Just picked up a copy for the Yukon Oklahoma (Canadian County) area, Christian Business Referral Guide. Awesome. Already posted a copy of the outside cover of it to my fb page!  Thank you Mr Martin!"

Chris Moore - Good Earth Soil & Material

"This is our 3rd year being in the Christian Business Referral Network.  Three years ago we started out small with a business card size ad.  The 2nd year we increased to a 1/4 page ad because of how popular this Guide has become.  This year (3rd year) we have increased to a Full Page Ad.  Everyone absolutely loves this book.  Matter of fact, we actually had a teacher come in and get several of our books to give to her students to take home.  This is the ONLY print Guide we advertise in and will continue to support this ministry." 

Cassandra Mills - Christian Consumer

"When I was having a home built two years ago I asked a fellow Christian if he knew of any reliable and reputable contractors, handymen or tradespeople he could refer me to who were also Christians.  Regretfully, he said he did not.  He said they were hard to find or come by, but pointed me to Michael Chilbert, who physically handed me a hard copy of the Christian Business Referral Guide.  I was thrilled because I felt confident knowing that the individuals and businesses listed in the Guide shared the same values as I do---something that the businesses on Angie's List could not guarantee.  I hired one of the contractors in the book--a home inspector.  He saved me thousands upon thousands of dollars and spared me of future problems through a thorough evaluation of the home.  He spoke with authority and exemplified Christian values when interacting with the builder.  To this day, I am still grateful for the work he did for me."

Shari Bassermann - JLS Landscaping

"This is our 3rd year being in the Christian Business Referral Network and we have been BEYOND "BLESSED" to be involved with such a great company.  Our company specializes in several different aspects from Landscaping, building swimming pools, to custom homes.  We are a One Stop Shop.
Thank you Christian Business Referral Network for helping us to evolve our business." 

Bruce Taylor - Taylor Made Systems

"Since advertising with the Christian Business Referral Network many folks from churches have called me wanting work and I have had the busiest year in over 25 years.  It's great to see people looking for Christian businesses.  I will continue to advertise with them."   

Ben Haeberle - H2 Heating & Air

"We at H2 Heating and Air began advertising with the Christian Business Referral Network in 2013. We wanted to support their ministry plus feel blessed that we had unique way of letting people know that we run our business the way Jesus instructed in His Word. This year we wanted to take a close look at how we were spending our advertising dollars. We've eliminated some advertising simply because they weren't working. I'm happy to say that the Christian Business Referral Guide and their Internet products is something we are continuing. We know for a fact that it is paying for itself. In fact, we did a job just last week from when I wrote this letter that came from the Christian Business Referral Network. I'm happy to write this letter because I know their products work."

Lee & Sondra Baker - Premier Air Service

"We have been advertising in the Collin County Christian Business Referral Network since it started in 2013. This is our 3rd year and we even added a third ad under Electrical Contractors. We received MANY calls this year so we know it's working!! Thank you for connecting Christians with like minded views! "While we have the opportunity, let us do good to all people, and especially to those who are the household of faith." Galatians 6:10